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Less than 2% of VC funding goes to Female Founded Companies and less than 5% of all Female Founded Companies generate 7 figures in annual revenue. So we aim to be the change we need to see. 

Our ultimate goal is to help 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs generate a minimum of a $1,000,000 in annual revenue by December 31, 2025. The kickoff off for this is to give away a cumulative $1,000,000 dollars by March 8, 2020. This is separate from our Angel Fund available on this site. 

In the first round, In celebration of Women's Entrepreneurship Day HERstory Connections gave away cash plus additional prizes to 2 Female Founders and to 2 of our Charitable Partners. In honor of Women's Entrepreneurship Day and National Entrepreneurship Month, we will have another giveaway (cash only for this round no additional prizes). Be sure to subscribe below (which is the primary entry for the contest) to be emailed details. There will be a total of 3 rounds t in celebration of Women Entrepreneurs. 

There are multiple ways to enter and gain additional entries as described below for the 2nd round of the giveaway. We even have a way to support our local charity partners  (specifically organizations that support and empower women and children)  dynamically.  Two of our registered Charitable Partners will receive cash donations. This will go to our charitable partners with the most entries into the contest. Our charitable partners are required to promote this contest to their networks.

Women Entrepreneurs please scroll down for specific details to increase your chances to win and to see our Charitable Partners.

These contests are meant to support and empower Female Founders because of the lack of funding that is available to businesses founded and run by women. All contest entry options and details are below. 

Our Why

This contest is to celebrate women entrepreneurs and end the year strong to kick off our 1,000,000 Female Founders X $1,000,000 in annual revenue by December 31, 2025. November includes National Entrepreneurship Month, Small Business Saturday, and Women's Entrepreneurship Day. W.E.D. is officially on November 19th every year, but we celebrate Female Founders every day. 

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) and international campaign #ChooseWOMEN is a non-governmental volunteer organization started by social entrepreneur and humanitarian Wendy Diamond, that empowers, celebrates, and supports women in business worldwide. 

Multiple Ways to Enter the HERstory Connections Contest

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100 Entries = Required Entry Subscription to our email list.


If you haven't subscribed yet, you can subscribe below. You can only subscribe ONCE & you must be fully subscribed in order for other entries listed on this page to be counted. 

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Video of Your Elevator Business Pitch


100 entries = Optional Entry: Post 1 Video Elevator Business Pitch with Our Tags & Hashtags

You can only post a maximum of 2 videos (maximum of 3 minutes in length) during the contest period ONLY on Instagram and/or Twitter.

 @itsherstorymade must be tagged on every video. Hashtags must be included in the post content #herstorymade & #justfearless 

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Photo of You ~ the Female Founder


100 entries = Optional Entry: Post 1 Photo of You, the Female Founder, with our Tags & Hashtags. 

You can only post a maximum of 2 Photos (with a brief bio about you) during the contest period ONLY on Instagram and/or Twitter. 

@itsherstorymade must be tagged on every photo. Hashtags must be included in the post content #herstorymade & #justfearless 

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Repost/Retweet of Your Social Media Entries


1 entry = Optional Entry: For Each Retweet/Repost of the Originally Posted Contest Video or Photo on Twitter or Instagram (maximum of 2,000 total)

Each repost/retweet of the contest video/photo must remain posted in the timeline (No IG Stories at all)

@itsherstorymade and the original handle of the posted video/photo must be tagged on every repost/retweet. Hashtags must be included in the post content #herstorymade & #justfearless

Join HERstory Connections


4,000 entries = Optional Entry: For joining HERstory Connections at any tier level. (Can Only Join Once)

Join HERstory Connections at any Tier level of membership for new members. You will receive 4,000 entries for a full annual membership and completion of your membership profile. 

You can only join once. Membership also includes a free application to the Just Fearless Angel Fund. You are not required to join, it's optional.

Support our Charitable Partners


100 entries = Optional Entry: For each donation of $10 or more to one of our charitable partners. (20 Donations Max.)

This is only for donations made during the duration of the contest. Proof of donation to our specific charitable partners will be required for the entries to be counted. 

Donation receipt (with your name and email that was used in the contest email list subscription) can be emailed to 

Direct Donation Links for Our Charitable Partners

3D Girls Inc 

Army Women's Foundation 

Association of Women's Business Centers

Click Here to Donate Via Paypal

Babson College WIN Lab Miami 

Black Women's Wall Street 

Brown Bag Lady 

Brown Girls Code!/donation/checkout 

Dare to Innovate

Donation via Paypal ~ Click Here

Female Development World Organization 

Fresh Start Women's Foundation

Gender Equality and Empowerment Network 

Girl Museum Inc 

Girls Empowerment Network 

Give Girls Pads 

Give Hope, Fight Poverty

GlamourGals Foundation 

Great Girls Global 

I Support The Girls 

HURU International 

Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment 

Monument and Museum to Women Veterans 

NEMN Women Veterans  

PERIOD Movement 

Purse Impressions 

Service Women's Action Network 

She Hopes 

SoGal Foundation 

Sunshine After The Storm 

Take Flight Girls 

The Paradigm Switch

Click Here to Donate via PayPal

The Pink Berets 

The Visiola Foundation 

The Warrior Project 

Wild Accelerator 

Witchita Family Crisis Center  

Women's Center for Creative Work 

Women in Sports Tech 

Women Veterans Giving 

Women Veterans Interactive

Click Here to Donate via PayPal