Our Why

Our goal is to help develop, fund, and scale 1,000,000 Female founded and led businesses each generating over $1,000,000 in annual revenue by December 31, 2025. Thereby  contributing a minimum of $1,000,000,000,000 (One Trillion) to the  global economy and changing generations for the better. This is one of  three avenues in our business plan to make this a reality.  

There are over 13 million women-owned businesses in the United States, not counting the rest of  North America or the world for that matter. Women  entrepreneurs are often determined innovators who have the potential to  scale their businesses and contribute to the economy in countless  ways.  

However, ultimate success requires access to capital and  influential networks to propel growth which are the very same qualities  that build market-leading global companies. To contribute in the Economic Empowerment and Growth of women, we are  taking decisive action. Just Fearless Angel Fund was created to fill the void of funding options for women led businesses.  

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 We have set a goal for Just Fearless for the number of women owned businesses to fund in 2020.
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The Facts On Why Angel Funds Like Ours Are Needed

Venture capitalists invested $130 billion in companies with all-male founders in 2018. Meanwhile, women received just 2.2% of that,  $2.88 billion, in 2018 according to data from M&A,  private equity, and venture capital database PitchBook. That massive disparity is due both to the differences in the number of deals and the  average deal size by gender.

First, consider the volume of deals.  In 2018, 8,948 companies got VC funding and just 482  of those companies were female-founded. In other words, companies founded by men got more than 16 times more funding than companies founded by women. 

According  to the Center for Venture Research, in 2018, only 26% of U.S. angel  investors were women and only 5% were minorities. With numbers like  this, it is apparent that our traditional way of funding is broken and  something needs to change and much hasn't changed in 2019 either. Just Fearless Angels are taking action to  dramatically change that!